Saturday, January 19, 2013


starfish was recently dating justin74759 and was madly in love
Friday 1/18/13 (just a week before her birthday) she went into the server purple panda while her friend was over at her house
her friend had dared her to type "hey sweetie" to her boyfriend which was at the beach and she did
her and Justin were wearing the Teddy Bear Bracelet also
Justin walked away to the other side of the beach ignoring her
she got confused
then went over to him
these two girls were near him saying "Your cheating on pinkypie!!"
he responded "no" and left
the girls told starfish he kissed another girl just 5 minutes ago
she refused the truth until her friend (online) said he did
she knew her friend would never lie and she believed it
she is heartbroken and broke there bracelet but for some reason her and Justin are still friends?
she doesn't know what to do she says "I've never been cheated on, and if I was cheated on id pray it wasn't Justin who cheated on me, I don't know what to do I loved him he was so sweet but why did he have to cheat?"
sorry star
feel better starfish80125kms (remember theres somebody better)
u can get past this starfish just it'll take time but just remember we look up to you.